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Long Term Rental in Mauritius

Decided to move to Mauritius and looking for your dream property to start a new life? 

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Long term rental of villas in Mauritius

It is possible to rent a villa in Mauritius for a long period. The properties for rentals are generally furnished and fully equipped. The choice of services and the location influences the rent.


Houses with swimming pools, gardens and in attractive regions usually have higher rents.

LLH presents a selection of the most beautiful villas for rent in Mauritius and at the best prices!

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Rent an apartment in Mauritius

Renting an apartment in Mauritius follows the same principle as for villas: most often they are furnished and many different apartments are available such as penthouses, studios, in the city center or in more authentic regions. The standard lease term is one-year renewable, and the payment of one to two months advance rent is required upon signature. Make sure to carefully check the terms of the lease: charges included or not, provisions for water and electricity …

Rent your property in Mauritius

Do you own a house or an apartment in Mauritius and want to rent it out? Contact a professional rental management company, that will undertake all the procedures for you such as visits, inventory, rental contracts, choice of tenants and implementation of the lease as well drafting the content of the properties’ ad. In order to successfully rent out your property and therefore quickly find a suitable tenant, there is a considerable work behind it such as writing catchy content, listing all the unique selling points and taking quality photos that will all produce the “wow” effect.

What budget do you need to rent a property in Mauritius?

The budget for your long-term rental in Mauritius will depend on:

  1. the type of property (apartment, villa);
  2. its geographic location;
  3. its size (number of rooms and size in m2);
  4. equipment (furnished / unfurnished, interior and exterior equipment, outbuildings, etc.);

Rent an apartment

The rental of an apartment in Mauritius depends on the criteria listed above. However, for an apartment of a hundred m2, type T3 to T4 unfurnished, count a minimum of 30,000RS. If you have a larger budget and want specific equipment, this price will be higher. A high standing waterfront apartment may require a substantial budget.

Rent a villa

To rent a villa in Mauritius, you will need a larger budget, even if it will depend on many criteria. For a 3 bedroom villa, count at least 40’000RS. But for a villa with a view, close to the beaches which has 3 to 4 bedrooms, plan rather a budget of 100,000 to 140,000RS.

Rent a luxury villa

For a higher standing, and a waterfront villa, with many indoor and outdoor facilities, the budget will be around 200,000RS.

LLH operates in the most prominent areas of Mauritius while carefully selecting the most exclusive and in-demand properties in order to present them to its local and international customers.

The main region, and the region in which LLH has its offices, is the West Coast. 

This unique and characterful region of Mauritius offers breathtaking landscapes. Between sea and mountain, you will be seduced by its turquoise waters, its surf beaches, its mountains with panoramic views on the entire coastline and by its relaxed lifestyle in a serene and family-oriented environment.

The West coast extends from Flic en Flac to the South West.

Flic en Flac, a tourist destination that offers white sand beaches and turquoise waters. Ideal for admiring the marine life with masks and snorkel.

With large upscale hotel complexes and traditional guesthouses, Flic en Flac is very popular with tourists and residents for its beautiful seaside walks and its lively nightlife.

You will find traditional Mauritian shops, modern shopping centers and an international school.

Black River is a beautiful residential destination on the West Coast, offering a pleasant living environment in harmony with nature.

Tamarin Bay is known worldwide for its beaches and for its nautical activities such as surfing.

Tamarin and Black River, are situated between the sea and the mountain of La Tourelle. The views are breathtaking. Residences, villas and apartments are immersed in the lush nature.

You will find shops, shopping centers, medical centers and schools allowing you to live in a friendly environment.

La Preneuse is a district located in Black River and more precisely by the beach. Many are seduced by its seaside lifestyle and its authentic boutique hotels with various restaurants. The sunset is a show in itself. La Preneuse is a region increasingly in demand because it offers a unique living environment.

The South-West includes the village of La Gaulette and the famous rock of Le Morne.

This region is more authentic, wild and much appreciated by nature lovers and kite surfers.

La Gaulette is located by the sea and you will find small shops there.

Le Morne beach is considered one of the most beautiful beaches in Mauritius, the setting of a postcard. And you can take a hike to admire the view from the imposing rock of Le Morne that has a heavy past and is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Grand Bay in the North is a coastal town that has developed itself progressively over time. It is located between Peryébère and Trou aux Biches. Grand Bay owes its popularity to its beautiful beaches and developments which have enabled it to position itself as the most popular touristic destination in Mauritius. You will find a large selection of upscale hotels, restaurants and shops. Known for its nightlife and its cosmopolitan lifestyle, Grand Bay is lively and very attractive.

For your comfort and in order to find the property that corresponds to your dreams, go through an agency like Leading Luxury Homo is essential.

Expertise at your service

Your real estate agency will accompany you from A to Z in your project in a personalized way. Thus, it will take into account your expectations and your budget. His knowledge of the Mauritian real estate market, and of the various partners at the local level are necessary to carry out your project. It will be able to advise you and guide you in your various steps. In addition, she will be able to give you practical advice on daily life on the island. It offers quality goods and transaction security in all legality and transparency. You don’t risk any unpleasant surprises.

Help in all your procedures

If you want to expatriate to Mauritius, you will need to be supported. Doing all the legwork to find the rental of your dreams is a lot of investment. You may be running out of time to find the perfect apartment or house. It is difficult to plan when you do not know the local real estate market and its specifics. In addition, you will not be there for your research. By delegating your efforts to an agency, you will be sure to obtain effective and concrete results. With your Leading Luxury Homo agency, all these steps will become simpler